I am a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.  I hold a Masters Degree in Education and Psychology along with several years experience as an educator.  Having a background in both education and psychology has allowed me to have both the educational and clinical scope to successfully support children with special needs, extensive emotional and behavioural challenges, children exposed to trauma, school anxiety, bullying and stress related to learning.  I have worked as a special education consultant supporting families who have chosen to provide a home learning environment for their children.  In this work I gained considerable insight into challenges families can face when choosing an alternative path. 

Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of parents who have a strong desire to raise children within a paradigm of trust and free from punishment.  Moving towards this kind of parenting involves shifting our ideas from traditional child-rearing philosophies and this shift routinely presents a level of anxiety,  possibly fear and shame. I provide support for the challenges and the feelings one faces when endeavouring to make strides in healthy parenting, in healthy living.

Synergetic Play Therapy™ (2008) is researched-informed and blends the therapeutic powers of play with nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, mindfulness, and therapist authenticity. Its primary play therapy influences are Child-Centered, Experiential, and Gestalt theories.

A synergetic play therapist is attuned to their own internal systems and to the internal systems of the child. Within this relationship the child and therapist move towards challenging emotions and physical sensations aroused through the play. Research shows that as clients begin to move towards their challenging internal states they have the opportunity to learn strategies of regulation that help form new neural pathways.

  • Synergetic play therapy
  • on-line play therapy
  • therapeutic art/sand tray
  • walk and talk therapy
  • nature-based play therapy
  • child/person centred
  • family counselling
  • separation and divorce
  • extended family support
  • school related stress
  • anxiety
  • learning struggles
  • school bullying
  • from school to home learning
  • from unschooling to post secondary
  • children with special needs\
  • young adult transitions
  • counselling with adults
  • family transitions

"Donna welcomed our family with open arms in such a sincere and genuine way. I knew right away she was someone we could entrust to. Both my boys, since seeing her, have willingly opened up through play and art strategies. She has allowed them so much room to express themselves in ways that they couldn't anywhere else. She has always made herself available during times of greater need not only to my children but to myself. She showed me so much grace and encouragement when I felt like I was failing. Donna genuinely cares and loves you for you. She has been nothing but accommodating and flexible with our busy ever changing schedules. I can't speak highly enough about her. I would strongly recommend her to anyone with children, teens, adults or parents from all walks of life, who are struggling with different challenges past or present. Our life is easier with her in it." from a client