Natural Capacity Counselling and Consulting

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Natural Capacity Counselling and Consulting is a BC-based service that offers in-person, phone, email and on-line counselling and consulting both locally and worldwide. Working from a strength-based, child-centred, intuitive approach my primary focus is helping parents, family and support providers access their natural capacity to engage in conscious practices that create sustaining, trusting environments that support children to  grow naturally. My practice also includes working directly with children experiencing struggles, trauma, bullying or anxiety. As a Synergetic Play Therapist, I use art, sand and toys to help children connect with their natural capacity to navigate their struggles.

With a masters degree in education and over 25 years of experience working with children and youth, one universally shared theme I have noted is that families, children and support workers deal with complex and extensive  personal, educational and relationship issues that have very real consequences if unresolved. When anxiety, lack of understanding, conflict, isolation or acting-out start to close the doors to future potential, it becomes urgent that all involved learn to change the approach.  However strong the desire is to do something different in our relationships with children, we may not know how to get to the place we envision. We face challenges that make us feel isolated, full of doubt, uncertain; searching for a right way to respond in order to best guide children.

Natural Capacity Counselling and Consulting will support you on your journey and will offer the opportunity to learn new skill-sets, practical strategies and raise awareness of what it means to be engaged in mindful parenting. I will help you step back and recognize the unique potential that lies within, so you can build your own capacity to create natural, peaceful relationships with children and youth.